Cooking While Camping with a Tower Garden

CookingIt has been a lot of fun eating off of our Tower Garden on this trip. We have had many salads and have lately been munching on green beans as we walk by. I was able to add basil, oregano and thyme to our spaghetti sauce last night, but this dinner was by far my favorite. We camped back-to-back from Oregon to California and didn’t feel like doing any grocery shopping during the drive from one spot to the other. So we used what we had in our dry food bin and what was left in our cooler to create a tasty dinner. I sautéed some carrots with olive oil and dill from the garden. I toasted walnuts and threw them into quinoa with some thyme from the garden. We had salads and couscous. It isn’t too difficult to eat healthy while camping after all!

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