“What’s It Tahuya?”

I saw this phrase on our friends’ son’s t-shirt and loved it.

Our neighbors and friends from back home have a wonderful cabin in Tahuya, WA – a tiny little town along a beautiful, winding road along the Hood Canal and mouth of the Tahuya River. Our friends were such gracious hosts for our two nights and a day with them. We had delicious, hearty meals and great company.

tahuya2 Our day in Tahuya was apparently the third coldest and windiest day on record. While my visions of sitting outside on the Adirondack chairs while watching the kids play on the beach did not come to fruition, we spent a relaxing day in doors, finishing a puzzle, snacking on some fresh food and baking cookies. I used to suffer from “need to be doing something” syndrome, where a day spent indoors without any plans would have sent me into a panic. Maybe having 3 boys or this trip has changed me. I had no cares and enjoyed a fully “down” day with our friends.

The day we left promised to me a much better day. The sun shone through and the wind settled to a nice breeze. Unfortunately we had plans with other friends in Portland and had to leave after a great breakfast that morning. Thank you to Dawn and Torren for being such wonderful hosts! We thoroughly enjoyed our visit!Tahuya

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